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Remember Mutant League Football? An all-new iOS/Mac version needs your Kickstarter pledges


If you played sports games during the Sega Genesis era, you're likely already familiar with the over-the-top action of the Mutant League titles. Both Mutant League Football and Mutant League Hockey hold fond memories for many gaming veterans, and now an all-new spiritual successor could be headed to a wide range of platforms including iOS and Mac, via a new Kickstarter campaign.

The game, called Mutant Football League, features HD graphics and all the brutality of its older brother. If the campaign reaches its US$750,000 base goal, it'll be made available for mobile platforms including iOS, while a $1,250,000 stretch goal is in place that would allow it to be ported to Mac.

The Kickstarter just began today, so not much progress has been made, but with all the nostalgia this title conjures up it, would be surprising if it didn't skyrocket in a hurry.

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