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APB: Reloaded loses more staff, teases upcoming threat changes

Shawn Schuster

As announced in the game's official forums last night, APB: Reloaded said goodbye to at least five members of the development team, including Jericho, Quinzel, Jotunblut, Revoemag, and Farfletched. This brings Joseph "Linus" Willmon up as the game's new producer.

To help alleviate the impending concern from fans of the resurrected shooter MMO, Linus points out some new content coming down the pipe, including threat changes that will allow friends with varying threat levels to play together, and another hopeful cure to the lag and performance issues.

Look for more information on the staff changes and upcoming content in an interview we have with GamersFirst this afternoon.

[Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!]

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