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Breakfast Topic: Have you successfully recruited friends or family into the game?


At some point, gaming aficionados and their social circles tend to become an ouroboros of geekery. People who enjoy World of Warcraft tend to share similar hobbies and interests. We naturally fall in with like-minded folk over long haul. Our spouses might not be the geeks we are, but there's a good chance they nerd out over something of their own -- hence, we end up able to appreciate one another's devotion to our respective causes.

Successfully recruiting a friend, significant other, or family member to play WoW with you takes patience, enthusiasm, and a willingness to re-experience the game with new eyes. Can you talk them into giving WoW a try? How will you make your way through content that's worn and familiar in a new way together? They might end up loving an entirely different part of the game than you do, leaving the two of you playing essentially different games alongside one another. What if they want to go their own way, or what if they simply never fall for Azeroth's charms? It all gets a little bit more complicated when you're still right next to each other after you log out.

Have you ever successfully recruited a friend or family member into the game? Did you end up playing together on characters or in a playstyle that was different for you, or did your new partner join you in your usual endgame haunts? Did playing with a new player change the way you now enjoy the game?

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