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Grand Theft Auto V's Apple parodies are hilarious, and probably NSFW


Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games always has its thumb on the pulse of pop culture, and the just-released Grand Theft Auto V proves that the heralded game company hasn't missed a step. Set in Los Santos (a fictionalized modern day Los Angeles), the game is heavy on cultural references including a widespread love of gadgets. Apple even makes an appearance in the game as the fictional "Fruit Computers."

One of the three playable characters carries a phone -- called the iFruit -- that looks quite similar to the iPhone 4s, including an OS that looks a great deal like iOS 6. On top of that, most computers in the game feature a Safari-esque web browser, and you can even visit the Fruit Computers website to see a fake Siri clone called "Shelley."

You can check out all of this in the video above (be sure to click the fullscreen icon to get an adequate view of things). Fair warning: Some of the Siri -- er, sorry, Shelley -- conversation gets pretty NSFW.

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