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LA Game Space pack stars things from Pendelton Ward, Cactus, more


Experimental Game Pack 01 from LA Game Space includes 23 new, trippy titles from a lineup of high-profile indie developers and pop-icon game enthusiasts, and it's available for 11 more days. The pack will eventually include more than 30 games, added as they're completed. Grab all of them now for just $15.

The cast includes Cactus (AKA Jonatan Soderstrom, creator of Hotline Miami), Santa Ragione (MirrorMoon EP), developers of Kentucky Route Zero, Beau Blyth (Samurai Gunn), Ben Vance (Skulls of the Shogun), Steve Swink (Scale), and tons more. Working together, Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Canabalt's Adam Saltsman created Alphabet for the game pack, while Adventure Time mastermind Pendelton Ward and QWOP's Bennett Foddy are collaborating on Cheque Please.

See a list of all of the Game Pack developers, their games and their platforms (PC, Mac, Linux) here.

Swink developed Inputting, a keyboard-controlled game about getting a ball into a hole (and so much more), while Alphabet uses a similar scheme in a racing capacity. Santa Ragione's VideoHeroeS is a film-based physics game about pleasing picky customers, also to be featured at Fantastic Arcade.

LA Game Space is a non-profit organization for video game research and exhibition, funded through Kickstarter in December.

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