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Marks and Spencer adds Passbook support


One of the UK's biggest retailers has updated its iOS app, adding support for Apple's still-fledgling Passbook system. The latest M&S app from Marks and Spencer adds several new features, including one-click purchasing, filter search, product recommendations and a voice reader for customers who are visually impaired. But the biggest change is that M&S now supports Passbook, which was first introduced in iOS 6 and has since been slow to catch on outside of the US.

With version 2.3 of the M&S app, shoppers can access a "My Offers" feature, which offers personalized, in-store and online deals that can be added to Passbook. This is good news for both Apple and users. While users have an easier way to collect and organize deals from M&S, Apple benefits by having another real-world use case for its Passbook service.

There are over 700 M&S stores in the UK selling everything from clothing, to food, to home furnishings. Now with Passbook support, M&S is the latest major UK retailer to support the feature, following in the footsteps of Subway and easyJet earlier this year.

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