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Photo Transfer WiFi is an easy way to move photos and videos between iOS and your computer

Mel Martin

There are a lot of ways to move photos around. You can email them, tether to iTunes and sync photos and albums or, in iOS 7, you can use AirDrop.

Photo Transfer WiFI is a US$2.99 app that has some real advantages to those methods. The universal app can move photos or videos over a WiFi network with a simple drag and drop, and you can add any PC or Mac with a web browser to accept the files. You can also browse your photos on shared iDevices from any Mac or PC, and send photos from any browser to your iPhone or iPad.

You can transfer single or multiple photos at once, or whole albums. The photos stay at full resolution, and even HD videos can be transferred. Even better, the app can work in the background, so once you start a transfer, you can close the app and use your iDevice as normal, although the transfer itself will take some CPU overhead and some network bandwidth.

The app is simple to use, with the app running on each device, as devices quickly find each other. You can designate which albums or photos are shareable, and when you are ready, you drag and drop the photos to the remote iDevice or a computer. The app will generate a four-digit password, which you type in to pair. After the initial pairing, it does not have to be repeated. Both devices need the app running to start the transfer.

I only found one glitch -- my iPhone and iPad couldn't find each other on my home network. The iPad was on iOS 6, and my iPhone is running iOS 7. The developer says the bug has been fixed, and an updated version will appear in the App Store quickly. (It was pushed out this morning and I confirmed the bug is fixed.)

The upcoming AirDrop feature from Apple is also useful. It can share more than videos and photos, so you can share notes, contacts and anything from an app that has a share button. But AirDrop doesn't include Macs or PCs.

Instashare is a free app with similar capabilities, but it doesn't do multiple simultaneous transfers. There is a Mac version of the app, but it is $2.99. The benefits are that it can transfer many types of files, including MP3s.

Apple's own Photo Stream is also a possibility, but its real feature is saving photos snapped on an iDevice to other iDevices or into iPhoto. It's not designed for bulk transfers. One advantage is with iCloud photo sharing, recipients don't have to be on WiFi.

Another option is Simple Photo & Video Transfer in the app store. It's free, but there are limits to the number of transfers. A $2.99 in-app purchase removes the limitations.

Photo Transfer WiFi is a well-thought-out app and easy to use. It's not the only way to accomplish the goal of moving photos and videos around, but it is full-featured and does the job. The app requires iOS 6 or later, is iOS 7 ready and is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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