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Breakfast Topic: Do you choose your character's race according to physical size?


My husband refuses to play a gnome. He's not against the roleplay aspect of it per se, but he's a big guy in real life and simply feels more natural with Hulk Smash racial types. On the other hand, I've historically experienced so many problems with large characters in MMOs -– getting stuck in doorways, trapped in tunnels, tripped on stairways -– that even if I wanted to play a big character, I wouldn't. But I too feel more at home playing something that's a little closer to my own skin. I'm used to being in the front row in group photos. Bring on the shorties!

(That's Robin Torres up there with her big ol' pink gnome head, by the way. Isn't she adorable?)

Does physical stature guide your racial choices in WoW? If you do, is there something about being especially small or tall that you crave or avoid? Do you prefer to play something similar to your own Earth-human body type, or do you enjoy leaping across to the other extreme?

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