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Siege of Orgrimmar World First race 10/14 after 24 hours


If you look back to the last world first race, Lei Shen was vanquished to riotous acclaim just before the weekly reset by top EU guild, and eventual World First race winners Method. Thanks to the EU's raid reset being one day later, this Tuesday night victory gave them an extra 30 attempts on Ra-Den. The EU has always received the patch a day after the US, meaning the top EU guilds start the race a day behind their US counterparts. It's never usually a problem.

But this time around, those of us who are fans of the EU teams were a little worried. Top US guild Blood Legion went 9/14 in around twelve hours, with the tenth boss dropping late last night on Pacific time. This is incredibly fast, particularly compared to the last race, which as we mentioned above, took almost a week. Now, at the time of writing, Blood Legion stands at 10/14, with Method and Exorsus at 9/14. Among the 10-man competitors, Avast stand at 8/14, and Paragon are at 7/14 with Hordlinge and Sanitas at 6/14.

So what's going on? Was there just not enough time left for Heroic tuning? Are the fights too easy? Or is the skill gap between these top guilds and the "normal" heroic raider so great that the fights have to be easier? Many Blizzard representatives have mentioned lately that they were looking for a smooth ramp-up, without brick wall bosses like Dark Animus, so maybe this is a result of that. What's your take on it?

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