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WTFast service aims to slay lag

MJ Guthrie

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When playing MMOs, there is one common beast that players dread facing no matter the game: the lag monster. One very ill-timed spike can leave a player vulnerable to attack in PvP and turn near victory into defeat or cause a missed heal or cure that cascades into a massive wipe. After getting the best internet connection in your area and upgrading to the best PC you can, what's left for a player to do? WTFast suggests using a global private network connection established for gamers only.

The WTFast service claims to improve game speed and reduce disconnects, response deviation, and lag by connecting players to game servers via Gamers Private Network (GPN), a private global data network/highway optimized for online games. The video after the break explains the premise behind the program. Can it work? If you want to find out for yourself, WTFast offers a free 30-day limited trial on the official site along with a detailed list of all the supported games.

[Source: WTFast press release]

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