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Card Hunter 'just under' 100,000 players, adding tournaments to multiplayer


Card Hunter is looking to expand its deck of tricks, coming off last week's solid launch that saw the team at Blue Manchu struggling to keep up with demand for the free-to-play game.

"We were so overrun on Thursday and we had to implement a queue. I think it's the first time in history people queued for a Flash game," said Joe McDonagh, writer/designer on Card Hunter. "We're a really small team and we're seven different cities in four different times zones so it's been really tough. But the time difference actually worked in our favor, because someone's always awake and working on improving the server performance."

McDonagh tells Joystiq that the first thing the studio plans to add is "some sort" of tournaments to multiplayer, following that up with more single player adventures, too.

"Obviously, there'll be some new cards too," said McDonagh. "It's been an amazing first seven days for us. We've had just under 100,000 players. That's mind-boggling to us."

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