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New trailer shows off the best of PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Eliot Lefebvre

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been hitting the advertising road a bit harder lately. The newest trailer isn't a live-action romp, but it does encourage prospective players to pick a side in the game's conflict between the Republic and the Empire. That's because this one is all about the game's PvP, more specifically about the factional warzones which feature several members of both factions beating the stuffing out of one another.

Existing players will probably recognize all of the warzones pictured (and potentially question why so many people are standing in place fighting duels in a Huttball match), as the trailer doesn't contain any footage of the upcoming arena PvP maps. But if you're unfamiliar with what the PvP looks like in the game, you could do worse than taking a gander. Here's a hint: It involves a lot of lightsabers.

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