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Soccer Legends combines sports and turn-based strategy on Kickstarter


Soccer management sim-meets-strategy game Soccer Legends recently hit Kickstarter. Developer Digital Lightning Studios is seeking $100,000 on the crowdfunding service by October 18, of which it has raised $12,816.

The PC game has players managing a soccer team on a hexagonal board, using turn-based tactics to out-smart opponents and win matches. Soccer Legends offers more than 50 different player skills, a handful of "strategic cards" for managers to use and the ability to create and edit players and teams, upgrading their abilities along the way. Digital Lightning Studios likens the game to NES game Captain Tsubasa, first localized to North America by Tecmo in 1992 as Tecmo Cup Soccer Game.

Soccer Legends will come to the iPad and other tablets if the campaign reaches $180,000, and would launch on PS4 and Vita if the $220,000 stretch goal is reached.

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