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A series of unfortunate events at the Pasadena Apple Store today


Today was an exciting day at the Apple Store in Pasadena, Calif., as the launch of the new iPhone 5s and 5c turned ugly. The LA Times is reporting that at least 200 people were waiting in front of the store this morning for a chance to buy one of the new phones when several fights broke out.

Two people, ages 23 and 43, were arrested for fighting in line outside of the store before it even opened. Then around 9 AM, another fight started, this time involving a contender for worst person in the world. A man hired several van loads of homeless people from a downtown Los Angeles homeless mission with the promise of paying them $40 if they'd wait overnight in line.

When the man left the store with several iPhones this morning, the people he hired began fighting with him, saying they weren't being paid enough. To defuse the situation the police removed the man from the premises, leaving the homeless people he'd hired stranded at the Apple Store without being paid.

Dominoe Moody, one of the people hired by the unnamed man, said between 70 and 80 homeless people were recruited and brought to the store. A lieutenant with the Pasadena Police, Jason Clawson, told the LA Times the department isn't investigating the incident saying "It's not a police issue. It's a business issue."

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