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Guide to every chest on the Timeless Isle


Among the rares and elites and world PvP and cute quests involving Blizzard community managers, the Timeless Isle is littered with chests. And, opening these chests is one of the easiest ways to rack up a collection of Timeless Coins, tokens, burdens and other loot. In order to make this easier for every one, Simca over on the MMO-Champion forums has put together a truly excellent guide to navigating your way through the island's chests in the most efficient way possible.

Simca's first step is to split the chests into ranks according to their loot, so a higher number denotes better loot. This applies to both the number of coins found inside them and the likelihood of finding tokens, or indeed the number of tokens you're likely to find. It will come as no surprise that the higher numbered chests are often in areas filled with mobs that aren't easy to bypass or kill -- you have to work for it! Simca also includes weekly chests, symbolized by the Ws on the map.

But that's not all, a map is useful, but Simca's guide offers far more. Simca has created a set of Tom-Tom macros for each level of chest. These will navigate you from chest to chest, so you won't even need to open a map! Simply install TomTom, and follow Simca's instructions, and you'll be reaping the rewards in no time.

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