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Breakfast Topic: How closely do you follow development news?


In the era of Twitter and reddit, it's not hard to escalate from being an enthusiastic fan of WoW to rabidly following its creators' every last tweet and cough. You feel you must hear every last whisper about the object of your affections as soon as uttered or even implied. The hunger to analyze every last detail of the development process becomes something akin to drinking from a firehose -- or perhaps it's simply FOMO.

I suspect the level of interest in developer insights is somewhat similar to the level of interest in attacking beta content as soon as it's available. Some players simply want to get there first. Others truly want to test and poke and weigh alternatives and then contribute their own two cents to the development process. Still others crave insider status, and some simply enjoy participating in every aspect of the online WoW community and feeling as though they're on top of every last thing there is to know about WoW.

How closely do you follow news of WoW's ongoing development? If you keep your nose glued to every last scrap of insider information about the game, what's the appeal? Or do you follow development cycle news only loosely, here at WoW Insider or even only via patch notes?

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