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Apple pulls Apple TV 6.0 update


Apple has rolled back the Apple TV 6.0 update it released just on Friday, reports 9to5Mac. The update, which added support for iTunes Radio, podcast syncing, and AirPlay from iCloud, was reportedly pulled due to problems experienced by some users on installation. (TUAW staffers who installed the update on 2nd-gen Apple TVs did not experience these issues.)

In some instances, the update could brick an Apple TV. As 9to5Mac reports:

In some particular instances, Apple TVs have also been permanently bricked or they lost the content on the device during the update. Other devices could not download any internet content even when an internet connection was connected.

Apple TVs with version 5.3 will not see upgrade notices for 6.0 until Apple reposts the update. We'll let you know when it comes back online and if Apple issues a comment about it.

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