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Fallen Earth celebrates its 4th birthday

Shawn Schuster

Fallen Earth is turning four years old today, and you know what that means, right? No, it doesn't mean another CHOTA-in-a-cake gag; we're still cleaning the carpets from last time. But it does mean that we're here to show you what the game's been up to for the last year!

While year three was bittersweet for the post-apocalyptic MMO with a move to free-to-play and a significant staff cut, year four was fairy uneventful. Whether this is a good or bad thing has yet to be seen, but the content keeps trickling in regardless.

This year we saw an introduction to farming and the Dome arena, with game updates showing off new Deathtoll weapons, coresuit armor, and the Vandal vehicle.

But what's in store for Fallen Earth's next year? Recent staff shuffling doesn't seem a concern for the game, according to a recent interview, and this month's birthday bash will introduce the AP augmented weapons, new cosmetic items, and more.

Read on past the jump for a round-up of news and features from Fallen Earth's third year.

Fallen Earth shares State of the Game birthday blog
While many are celebrating (or suffering) back-to-school this month, Fallen Earth is focusing its celebratory sights on a different event: its birthday!
Jukebox Heroes: Fallen Earth's soundtrack
How would you score the apocalypse? What would the end of the world sound like if you put it to music? Perhaps it would be wrapped in a Western twang with notes of regret, longing, uncertainty, and struggle playing throughout.
Fallen Earth prepares new Deathtoll weapons and the perilous Dome
It's March! Spring is in the air, bringing with it the lilting cries of embattled players and their screams of horrific agony floating on the breeze.
Fallen Earth introduces new coresuit armor, free respecs
Reloaded Productions has thrown a bone to Fallen Earth players who have been getting rolled by PvPers with powerful G.O.R.E. weapons. There's some new player-crafted armor in town called a Stage 3 Coresuit, which uses procs to increase survivability in both PvP and PvE.
Fallen Earth devs prepping two-man Dome PvE content
The Fallen Earth dev team has posted a brief state-of-the-game letter for February. In it, we're treated to a preview of something called the Dome, a two-man PvE arena concept that is currently in pre-production.
Farming in Fallen Earth: An exclusive interview with the devs
Late last week, Reloaded Games and GamersFirst announced that farming was coming to the post-apocalyptic sandbox Fallen Earth. The initial dev blog gave us some information on how farming will be implemented, but not much more beyond that.
Fallen Earth unveils new weapons and bosses in time for its third anniversary
Anniversary gifts require careful thought, but Fallen Earth seems to know just what its players want. So patch 2.5 adds three powerful new weapons for players to use across the wastelands as well as three new bosses that carry required components for those weapons.

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