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Stiq Figures, September 9 - 15: Our friends are liars edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

This week's 3DS sales spike might, just might have something to do with the release of Monster Hunter 4. You know what else might have caused a sales spike, if it had a chance to? The "Perfect Dark 2" Gamecube sequel that my friend cooked up and fed me lies about for all of 5th grade. A level editor, customizable guns, four-player co-op... this mythical game would have been huge! Of course, these scoops were always from some gaming magazine he "had at home" or from a relative that "worked at Nintendo." My options were to sensibly dismiss the sequel with everything I ever wanted or to add it to the games I was anticipating, and... well, I still haven't played "Perfect Dark 2." Because it doesn't exist.

His additional rumors of "Super Smash Bros. Z," "Diddy Kong Racing 2" and "Jet Force Gemini 2" now serve as bitter reminders for me to never, ever get excited for games until I'm watching a reveal trailer. I know I'm not alone in getting my hopes built up by compulsive liars, though. What imaginary sequel did your jerk friends hype you up for? Did you use the payphone down the street to collect call the Nintendo hotline in an effort to debunk them, or was that just me? What did you do when you realized it was all a lie? Un-bury the hatchet in the comments once you check out this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!

3DS LL: 236,700 [UP] 176,693
3DS: 40,092 [UP] 20,978
PS3: 12,146 [DOWN] 1,644
Vita: 6,020 [DOWN] 1,294
PSP: 5,449 [DOWN] 44
Wii U: 5,003 [DOWN] 699
Wii: 962 [DOWN] 16
Xbox 360: 244 [UP] 43

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