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Dollar Store Accessories: Laptop Stand


Today's Dollar Store find is a laptop stand. The adjustable laptop stand offers a way to lend your MacBook a slight tilt for more comfortable typing for touch typists. It consists of four arms that swing out from a central hub, supporting the front and back of the laptop's lower half.

As Dollar Store finds go, this wasn't much of a success. Although the rubber tips for the back support worked well (you can see them at the top of the packaging), the lower arms with their black-tipped heads (they're there in the picture, just harder to see, to the right and left) worked less well.

They rode up far too high on my thin 2011 MacBook Air, actually cutting in under my wrists near the touchpad. This completely contradicted the stated purpose of the stand (to lift the back to enable better typing) and instead dug into my arms, rather painfully.

Although I thought the elevation angle was perfect, those intrusive front stabilizers ruined the stand for me. They're doing an important job, keeping the laptop in place, so you can't just pull them off or cut them down. They're just not a good match to my thin laptop. Your mileage may vary, although I'd suggest you just save yourself the buck.

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