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Must See HDTV (September 23rd - 29th)


It's all coming to an end this week. AMC will air the final 75-minute episode of Breaking Bad on Sunday night, and we can't wait to see it. While that show wraps up it's run, there are several new entries on the schedule including Hostages, The Blacklist, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Michael J. Fox Show, Stephen Merchant's Hello Ladies and more. Old favorites returning with new seasons this week are How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Castle, Homeland and many others while Iron Man 3 arrives on Blu-ray. Look after the break for our weekly listing of what to look out for in TV, Blu-ray and gaming.

Blu-ray & Games

  • Iron Man 3 (3D)
  • Hannibal (S1)
  • Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)
  • Doctor Who (S7)
  • Modern Family (S4)
  • The Dark Knight Trilogy (UCE)
  • South Park (S16)
  • Hawaii Five-0 (S3)
  • FIFA 14 (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 14 (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Alien Rage (PS3, Xbox 360)


  • How I Met Your Mother (season premiere), CBS, 8 & 8:30PM
  • The Voice (season premiere), NBC, 8PM
  • Bones, Fox, 8PM
  • Dancing with the Stars, ABC, 8PM
  • Raiders/Broncos Monday Night Football, ESPN, 8:40PM
  • WWE Raw, USA, 8PM
  • 2 Broke Girls (season premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • First Cousin Once Removed, HBO, 9PM
  • Sleepy Hollow, Fox, 9PM
  • Breaking Pointe, CW, 9PM
  • Mom (series premiere), CBS, 9:30PM
  • The Blacklist (series premiere), NBC, 10PM
  • Castle (season premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • Hostages (series premiere), CBS, 10PM


  • Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (series premiere), ABC, 8PM
  • NCIS (season premiere), CBS, 8PM
  • The Voice, NBC, 8PM
  • Whose Line is it Anyway (season finale), CW, 8PM
  • Dads, Fox, 8PM
  • Brooklyn Nine-nine, Fox, 8:30PM
  • NCIS: LA (season premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • The Goldbergs (series premiere), ABC, 9PM
  • New Girl, Fox, 9PM
  • Top Gear (US), History, 9PM
  • Face Off, Syfy, 9PM
  • America's Got Talent, NBC, 9PM
  • Capture, The CW, 9PM
  • Trophy Wife (series premiere), ABC, 9:30PM
  • The Mindy Project, Fox, 9:30PM
  • Fangasm (series premiere), Syfy, 10PM
  • Person of Interest (season premiere), CBS, 10PM
  • Lucky 7 (series premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • Chicago Fire (season premiere), NBC, 10PM
  • Sons of Anarchy, FX, 10PM
  • Tosh.0, Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Cold Justice, TNT, 10PM
  • Catfish, MTV, 10PM
  • Brickleberry, Comedy Central, 10:30PM
  • Nikki & Sara Live, MTV, 11PM
  • Web Therapy (season finale), Showtime, 11PM


  • The Middle (season premiere), ABC, 8PM
  • Revolution (season premiere), NBC, 8PM
  • Survivor, CBS, 8PM
  • WWE Main Event, Ion, 8PM
  • The X-Factor, Fox, 8PM
  • Back in the Game (series premiere), ABC, 8:30PM
  • Criminal Minds (season premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • Modern Family (season premiere), ABC, 9PM
  • Law & Order: SVU (season premiere), NBC, 9PM
  • Inside the NFL, Showtime, 9PM
  • South Park (season premiere), Comedy Central, 10PM
  • Nashville (season premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • NFL Turning Point, NBC Sports Network, 10PM
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FXX, 10PM
  • The Ultimate Fighter, Fox Sports 1, 10PM
  • Broadchurch (season finale), BBC America, 10PM
  • The Bridge, FX, 10PM
  • The Real World / Road Rules Challenge (season finale), MTV, 10PM
  • Key & Peele, Comedy Central, 10:30PM
  • The League, FXX, 10:30PM
  • Totally Biased with W Kamau Bell, FXX, 11PM


  • 49ers/Rams, NFL Network, 8:25PM
  • Virginia Tech / Georgia Tech college football, ESPN, 7:30PM
  • The Big Bang Theory (season premiere), CBS, 8 & 8:30PM
  • Parks & Recreation (season premiere), NBC, 8PM
  • The X Factor, Fox, 8PM
  • Airplane Repo, Discovery, 8 & 10PM
  • Glee (season premiere), Fox, 9PM
  • Grey's Anatomy (season premiere), ABC, 9PM
  • The Crazy Ones (series premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • The Michael J Fox Show (series premiere), NBC, 9 & 9:30PM
  • Flying Blind, Showtime, 9:30PM
  • Anger Management, FX, 9:30PM
  • Two and a Half Men, CBS, 9:30PM
  • Elementary (season premiere), CBS, 10PM
  • Parenthood (season premiere), NBC, 10PM
  • Owner's Manual, AMC, 10:30PM
  • The Pitch, AMC, 11PM


  • Last Man Standing, ABC, 8PM
  • Utah State / San Jose State college football, ESPN, 9PM
  • Perfect Score (season premiere), CW, 8PM
  • WWE SmackDown, Syfy, 8PM
  • The Neighbors, ABC, 8:30PM
  • Hawaii Five-0 (season premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out, Showtime, 9PM
  • Shark Tank, ABC, 9PM
  • Blue Bloods (season premiere), CBS, 10PM
  • Strike Back, CInemax, 10PM
  • Haven, Syfy, 10PM


  • Arizona/Washington, Fox, 6:30PM
  • Cedar Cove, Hallmark Channel, 8PM
  • Hell on Wheels, AMC, 9PM
  • The White Queen, Starz, 9PM
  • Saturday Night Live: Tina Fey / Arcade Fire (season premiere), NBC, 11:30PM


  • 60 Minutes (season premiere), CBS, 7PM
  • Once Upon a Time: Journey to Neverland, ABC, 7PM
  • The Amazing Race (season premiere), CBS, 8PM
  • Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited, BBC America, 8PM
  • Once Upon A time (season premiere), ABC, 8PM
  • The Simpsons (season premiere), Fox, 8PM
  • Patriots/Falcons football, NBC, 8:20PM
  • Bob's Burgers (season premiere), Fox, 8:30PM
  • Boardwalk Empire, HBO, 9PM
  • Homeland (season premiere), Showtime, 9PM
  • Breaking Bad (series finale), AMC, 9PM
  • Family Guy (season premiere), Fox, 9PM
  • The Good Wife (season premiere), CBS, 9PM
  • Revenge (season premiere), ABC, 9PM
  • American Dad (season premiere), Fox, 9:30PM
  • Eastbound & Down (season premiere), HBO, 10PM
  • Masters of Sex (series premiere), Showtime, 10PM
  • The Mentalist (season premiere), CBS, 10PM
  • Betrayal (series premiere), ABC, 10PM
  • Talking Bad, AMC, 10:15PM
  • Hello Ladies (series premiere), HBO, 10:30PM
  • Low Winter Sun, AMC, 11:15PM

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