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Rumor: Colin Farrell and Paula Patton cast as leads in Warcraft movie


It's a rumor, but an interesting one ... apparently Colin Farrell has already been offered a role in the new Warcraft movie, and Paula Patton is in the contracting stage. Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment are doing the casting, and things certainly seem to be moving forward.

Which, despite whatever you might think of these two choices, is good news for the film. It's been plagued for years with various ups and downs. Finally getting to the point of actually casting the movie should be cause for celebration around the halls of Blizzard Entertainment.

Of course now the question turns to what Farrell and Patton would be best at in the Warcraft universe. I'm thinking Medivh for Farrell (I mean, he's got mad wizard written all over him). And Patton as Jaina, although she'd have to dye her hair. Or maybe she's evil Jaina... #NotAnAnnouncement

The Warcraft movie is set to begin filming in 2014.

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