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WildStar's Gaffney on why the game isn't free-to-play

Eliot Lefebvre

It's not enough any longer to simply say that your game is launching with a subscription when one considers that the past several years have seen free-to-play rise like a rocket approaching escape velocity. WildStar's Jeremy Gaffney recently took the opportunity to explain a little more about why the upcoming game decided to go with a subscription-based model (with added wrinkles) by explaining that he doesn't see free-to-play as a "magic bullet" for all games.

Gaffney explains that from the developer's standpoint, having a free-to-play model involves having a small number of players paying for most of the population, which makes the experience far more variable and unsteady. He also notes that free players have a very different experience from those who play, one that often removes the incentive to pay money in the first place. The game's stated business model requires a monthly subscription, which can be paid for via in-game money on an open marketplace.

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