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Google Play 'iMessage Chat' app lets you send iMessages to Android phones but don't try it


Note: If you read nothing else, read this: Do NOT download this app. Now read why below.

An unofficial iMessages app has appeared on the Google Play store that allows iMessages to be sent between Android and iOS devices, reports 9to5Mac. The app itself, called "iMessage Chat" isn't a counterfeit app in that it does not pretend to be an official Apple-branded app, but it does spoof Apple's servers. It disguises itself as a Mac mini when it connects to Apple's iMessage server, and that's why it is allowed to send and receive iMessages.

The app appears to work quite well, but that doesn't mean it should be used. There are some potentially very big security issues for Android users. First, all iMessages sent through the app are routed through a server in China. The routing through a third-party server means the owner of that server could be storing every iMessage sent. Second, the app has the ability to download and install software in the background on your Android device without you knowing it (isn't Android great?). For these reasons alone, we recommend users avoid iMessage Chat at all costs.

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