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Wii U ups its value with two family-themed bundles in Japan


Nintendo is targeting families with two value-driven Wii U bundles in Japan, as it looks to give the console a welcome boost alongside its winter software line-up. The pair, launching on October 31, both include the 32GB Wii U (black or white), New Super Mario Bros. U, and Wii Party U. The pricier bundle also chucks in Wii Fit U.

The Wii Fit U-less bundle costs ¥32,800 (around $332), while the healthier option is ¥34,800 ($352) adding in the Wii Fit U meter along with the game, but no Balance Board. There are the typical Premium extras of a Wii Remote, sensor bar, and 30 day membership to Wii Karaoke U in both sets.

Japan's new options represent a significant value improvement on the original premium Wii U set, priced at ¥31,500 ($319) without any games included. The Japanese bundles follow Nintendo doling out a $50 price cut to the Deluxe set in North America, alongside the launch of a Wind Waker HD bundle.

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