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Third-generation Apple TV setup now as easy as touching an iOS 7 device to it


TUAW reader Aaron G pointed out an interesting Apple knowledge base article to us this morning. According to the post, a third-generation Apple TV running Apple TV software 6.0 or later can be easily set up by using an iOS device running iOS 7. It's as easy as touching the device to the Apple TV.

Once the Apple TV is connected to your TV and showing the setup screen, you just unlock the iOS 7 device, making sure that Bluetooth is enabled and you're connected to the WiFi network that you want the Apple TV to be connected to. You then touch the iOS device to the Apple TV, after which prompts appear on both the iOS device and Apple TV.

After entering your Apple ID and password on the iOS device and answering two simple questions, the configuration of the Apple TV takes place. It's connected to your WiFi network, activated and is set up with your iTunes Store account.

It's a fast and easy way to set up the current Apple TV and hopefully any new devices that may be released by Apple in the future.

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