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Pokemon X/Y's Honedge already gets an evolved form in Doublade


Even though Pokemon X and Y don't arrive on 3DS until October 12, Nintendo has wasted no time in revealing a number of new creatures for the game. Among the new Pokemon coming this fall is Honedge, which will also have an evolved form called Doublade, Nintendo announced on its official Pokemon Facebook page today. The sharply named Doublade appears to be two of the sword-like Honedges joined together, similar to the evolved forms of other Pokemon from past games like Magneton.

Doublade is a steel and ghost type, just like Honedge, and features a "No Guard" ability. The two creatures join a large cast of already-announced Pokemon, including two mega-evolved forms of the fan-favorite Mewtwo. Don't fret, Nintendo only has a few more weeks to spoil the rest of Pokemon X and Y.

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