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Rockstar patches GTA 5's rotten iFruit companion app


Rockstar Games has issued a patch for its iFruit app, which it hopes will improve the program's ability to connect to its online servers.

Since the debut of Grand Theft Auto V, the iFruit app has had major issues. Ideally, the program would allow players to train their in-game dog and customize their signature vehicle, but the massive success of GTA 5 quickly overwhelmed Rockstar's servers, and the iFruit app couldn't handle the stress of so many people attempting to connect simultaneously. Rockstar has remained relatively quiet on the issue, until today, when it announced the patch via Twitter.

Rockstar has yet to offer concrete details on what it has changed in version 2.0 of the iFruit app. The patch notes merely mention improved connectivity, then thank fans for their patience and support. As with all iOS patches, you can update your iFruit app by visiting the App Store's "Update" section (or, if you've already enabled automatic updates in iOS 7, by doing nothing at all).

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