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Skype for Mac 6.9 arrives, bringing more screen-sharing options


Microsoft has released Skype for Mac 6.9, which adds a new screen-sharing option and bug fixes. The biggest new feature of Skype 6.9 is that now users can easily share just a single window on their screen instead of sharing their entire screen with another Skype user. This significantly increases privacy while screen sharing as you now can keep your other windows and items on your desktop out of sight.

In addition to the new screen-sharing option, Skype 6.9 now supports three additional languages including Swedish, Finnish and European Portuguese. There are also a number of significant bug fixes, including a particularly annoying one which caused the name field to overlap a mood message. There's also a fix for disappearing chat messages, toolbar search field improvements and more.

Skype 6.9 for Mac is a free download.

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