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TUAW's list of best Twitter accounts for Apple fans to follow


Macworld UK recently compiled a list of Twitter accounts that Apple fans should follow. The list covered the executives at Apple who have verified accounts and some notable Apple analysts. We are going to expand their list and add in developers, bloggers and other notable Apple pundits that you should follow for the latest and greatest news and commentary on Apple. If you have any additional suggestions, please add them in the comments.

Former and present Apple Executives

Tim Cook: Apple's CEO just joined Twitter and has logged three tweets. Hopefully more are coming

Phil Schiller: Apple's Senior Vice-President for worldwide marketing, and an enthusiastic presenter at Apple's press events

Eddy Cue: Senior Vice-President for internet software and services

Jony Ive: Apple's Senior Vice President of Design is most likely not on Twitter. There are few unconfirmed accounts, like @SirJonyIve, kicking around, but none have been confirmed

Scott Forstall: Senior Vice President of iOS Software at Apple from 2007 until October 2012. Unconfirmed account with zero tweets

Jean-Louis Gassée: Former Apple executive turned analyst

John Sculley: Former Apple CEO who reigned over Apple's rocky years in the 80s. Unconfirmed account

Notable Apple Employees, past and present

Steve Wozniak: Co-founder of Apple and creator of the Apple I and II

Chris Espinosa: Apple employee #8

Andy Hertzfeld: Member of the original Mac team. Not active on Twitter, but posts all the time on Google +

Bill Atkinson. Member of the original Mac team

Susan Kare: Member of the original Mac team. Highly-respected designer

Guy Kawasaki: Former Apple evangelist, now a Motorola employee

Daniel Kottke: Member of the original Mac team

Michael Jurewitz: iOS and OS X developer now working for apple again

Lia Napolitano: Designer at Apple in California

Johnnie Manzari: User Interface Designer at Apple

Steve Cotterill: User Experience Architect at Apple

Graham Clarke: Designer at Apple, formerly at Glasshouse apps

Official Apple Accounts

Apple: Apple's official Twitter feed, though it's not verified.

iTunes: Official iTunes account

iTunesU: Official iTunesU account

iTunesPodcasting: Official iTunes Podcasting account

iTunes Music: Official iTunes Music account

iTunesTV: Official iTunes TV account

iBooks: Official iBooks account

App Store: Official App Store account

iTunes Festival: Official iTunes festival account

Apple Evangelists

Jake Behrens: UI and App Frameworks Evangelist

Mike Stern: Apple User Experience Evangelist

Allan Schaffer: Graphics and Game Technologies Evangelist

Dave DeLong: App Frameworks and Developer Tools

John Geleynse: Director of Media Evangelism, Technology Evangelism

Stefan Lesser: Technology Evangelist

Apple pundits and analysts

Jim Dalrymple: Editor in Chief of LoopInsight

John Gruber: The man and mind behind Daring Fireball

Ross Rubin: Principal Analyst at Reticle Research focusing on consumer technologies

Andy Ihnatko: Chicago Sun-Times technology columnist

Clayton Morris: Anchor for FOX News Channel, technologist

Stephen Fry: Popular British Actor and Writer

MG Siegler: Partner @GoogleVentures. Columnist @TechCrunch

Apple Journalists

Dave Hamilton: @MacGeekGab podcaster, @MacObserver & BackBeat Media co-founder

Matthew Panzarino: Senior Editor, Techcrunch

John Paczkowski: Hails from AllThingsD

Rene Ritchie: iMore chief, producer at MobileNations and more

Arnold Kim: Manager of, and

Jason Snell: Editorial director for @Macworld/@TechHive/@PCWorld

Glenn Fleishman: Editor & Publisher of The Magazine

Andrew Cunningham: Senior Products Specialist at Ars Technica

Jacqui Cheng: Editor at Large at Ars Technica

Peter Cohen: Managing editor, , Executive editor, The Loop

Lex Friedman: Senior contributor to Macworld

Federico Viticci: Editor-in-Chief of @MacStoriesNet

Mark Gurman: Senior Editor at 9to5Mac

Christina Bonnington: Staff Writer for Wired's Gadget Lab blog

David Chartier: Contributor to Macworld and Mac Observer. Runs Finer Things in Tech


Matt Gemmell: iPhone, iPad and Mac developer

Daniel Jalkut: Founder of Red Sweater Software

Greg Pierce: Agile Tortoise

Justin Williams: Second Gear

Dave Barnard: Contrast (App Cubby) founder

Dan Counsell: RealMac founder

Michael Simmons: Co-Founder @Flexibits and @HockeyApp

Cabel Maxfield Sasser: co-founder of Panic Inc.

Steven Troughton-Smith: Irish indie developer of iOS, iPad and Mac software

Erica Sadun: Writer, Developer, Legend

Rich Siegel: Veteran Mac developer behind Bare Bones Software

Brett Terpstra: Marked developer, host of Systematic podcast

Craig Hockenberry: Twitteriffic developer

Jean MacDonald: Partner at @SmileSoftware

Marco Arment: Formerly of Tumblr, Instapaper, and The Magazine

Paul Haddad: Co-founder of Tapbots


Evad3rs: jailbreak dream team

pod2g: iOS security researcher, member of evad3rs

Nikias Bassen, "pimskeks": iOS Developer & Hacker, Reverse Engineer, Security Expert @evad3rs

Planetbeing: Jailbreak developer. Member of evad3rs

Will Strafach,"chronic": the man behind Chronic Unlocks

MuscleNerd: iPhone hacker

Grant Paul, "chpwn": Jailbreak developer now working at Facebook

Jay "Saurik" Freeman: Cydia founder


not Jonathan Ive: Parody account, NSFW

The Macalope: Part man, part Mac, part antelope. Great commentary on people who just don't understand Apple

Conan O'Brien: Often parodies Apple products and product launches


TUAW: TUAW's main Twitter account

Victor Agreda, Jr: Editor in Chief

Dave Caolo: News and Managing Editor

Michael Rose: Lead Editor

Steve Sande: Features and Hardware Review Editor, TUAW TV Live host

Chris Rawson: News Editor, in charge of the weekly Rumor Roundup

Megan Lavey-Heaton: News Editor

Michael Grothaus: European Editor

Kelly Guimont: Social Coordinator & Talkcast Host

Erica Sadun: Writer, Developer, Legend

TJ Luoma:Writer and Community Liason

Mel Martin: Writer, App reviewer. Not on Twitter

Mike Wehner: Writer and Reviewer

Yoni Heiser: Writer

Ilene Hoffman: Writer

John-Michael Bond:Writer

Kelly Hodgkins: App Review Editor

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