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WildStar Wednesday reveals shiphand missions

Jef Reahard

Looking for something to do off the beaten path in WildStar? Well, OK, we know it's not out yet, and we know you can't talk about the beta that you may or may not be in, but we're speaking theoretically.

If you were looking for something to do, that something might be a shiphand mission. Shiphand missions "play like extended, sequential quests," according to the latest WildStar Wednesday reveal. They scale from one to five players, and they're also repeatable. "Shiphands are ideal for doing something a little more involved than a normal quest with a few friends," the post says. "They're not as challenging as dungeons or adventures; they're just a fun vacation from Nexus for about 15-45 minutes of your time."

Shiphand experiences vary quite a bit, but to find out how you'll need to click through to the links below.

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