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Brazilian judge whacks IGB Electronica in iPhone trademark lawsuit


Apple has won its appeal against IGB Electronica in Brazil regarding the "iPhone" name in that country, according to BNAmericas. The company had been locked in a lawsuit with Brazilian company IGB Electronica, which was granted the Brazilian iPhone trademark in 2007. IGB originally applied for the iPhone trademark in 2000 and since 2007, it has been selling a smartphone by the name of "Iphone" under its G-Gradiente brand.

In February, Apple lost the trademark dispute with IGB, but now a judge has thrown that verdict out and ruled that both companies may use the iPhone name. In his ruling, the judge said that though IGB owned the trademark in the country first, they did nothing with it until after Apple's iPhone went on sale elsewhere in the world. He credited Apple with creating a brand under the "iPhone" name, noting its trademarks in other locations. IGB Electronica plans to appeal this decision.

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