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EVE Online: Rubicon coming November 19th


EVE Online is getting ready to start changing the rules and paving the way to a journey beyond the stars. CCP Games announced that the first step to this bold new vision will be the game's 20th expansion, Rubicon. The studio also surprised players by scheduling the expansion for earlier than normal, dating it for November 19th.

Rubicon marks a turning point in the game's vision, as the devs are centering this and upcoming expansions around a core theme of space colonization. "What if we weren't bound to the universe?" the studio teased on the Twitch TV reveal.

The expansion will include features such as putting customs office abilities it in the hands of the players, deployable structures such as siphon units and depots, Sisters of Eve faction ships, a fix to EVE's warp acceleration, transforming spaceships, and plenty of ship balance changes.

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