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Lord of the Rings Online details Minstrel changes in Helm's Deep


Lord of the Rings Online players are almost certainly foaming at the mouth for the game's upcoming Helm's Deep expansion. Unfortunately, it's not going to be dropping for another month and a half. In the meantime, the kind folks at Turbine are hoping to satiate some of that hunger (or perhaps further whet fans' appetites) with some details on the myriad changes the expansion will bring. Specifically, the most recent dev blog is dedicated to taking a closer look at Middle-earth's most eminent musician, the Minstrel.

Minstrels have always been a versatile class, and the new trait lines arriving with Helm's Deep continue that tradition. Minstrels who choose to follow the Watcher of Resolve trait line will be masters of raising morale thanks to a number of traits that buff outgoing heals, increase critical heal potency, and reduce cast times. Those who prefer causing wounds to closing them will find their calling in the Warrior-Skald line, which can turn even the most timid troubadour into a battle-hardened balladeer specializing in single-target damage. And finally, Minstrels who wish to embolden their allies and enfeeble their foes will be right at home in the Protector of Song trait line, which focuses on bestowing powerful buffs and debuffs to shift the tide of battle.

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