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Truck Stop brings destructive mayhem to Mac


Do you like your racing games better when there's less actual racing and more white-knuckle crashes? Then you'll feel right at home with Truck Stop, an in-progress crash-em-up being worked on by a former member of Criterion Games, the same studio responsible for the highly popular Burnout franchise.

Some of the most fun you could have in the Burnout titles was in "Crash" mode, where you were tasked not with reaching a finish line, but with destroying as much of the game world as possible. Truck Stop appears to continue this tradition, and while the current, unfinished version of the game is only available for Windows, it is slated to hit Mac and Linux as it crashes it way toward a proper release. If you'd like to support the game's eventual launch on Steam, you can give it a "Yes" vote on Steam Greenlight now.

[via Joystiq]

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