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Worms Revolution Extreme bombards PS Vita on October 8


Come October 8, Team 17's heavily-armed annelids will be making the leap to Sony's Vita handheld in Worms Revolution Extreme.

Like its predecessors, Worms Revolution Extreme focuses on teams of worms attempting to kill each other in ludicrously over the top, turn-based fashion. The new Vita game offers players 72 single player stages which the describes as a "mixture of missions and puzzles." Online multiplayer is also included for one to four players, and includes Deathmatch, Classic and Forts game modes, alongside all the options menus necessary to create your own, customized multiplayer game type.

New to the series is the Treasure Mode which allows players to unlock special items by trading data between Worms Revolution Extreme and the PlayStation 3's Worms Revolution. Game saves will also carry across these two versions, though that utility only goes so far given that the PlayStation 3 game has far less singleplayer content than its handheld counterpart.

When Worms Revolution Extreme makes its Vita debut on October 8 it will feature a $15 price tag, and be available for download from the PlayStation Network Store.

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