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Around Azeroth: A night of many pandas


"After trying to set up a roleplaying event with a pandaren theme to promote a new all-pandaren guild, I noticed that there aren't a lot of holidays on the calendar that promote pandaren tradition," writes submitter Sagaciouszu of Blacktooth Grin on The Venture Co (US-H). "No, the Lunar Festival doesn't count, since it celebrates the defeat of the Burning Legion. So after looking at different Chinese holiday dates, we all decided on the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sunday, September 22 (the weekend after the actual date of this year's festival) at the Drunken Hozen in Dawn's Blossom."

"The event had only a few participants, but an all-pandaren gathering was something, let me tell you. Seeing a room full of pandaren chuckling and holding their bellies was like being in a Pixar film! The brew was pouring, the banquets were steaming with roasted meals, the noodle carts were created on the roof tops to serve soup bowls as we launched nearly a hundred fireworks that night on the rooftop of the inn (that came prepared with an open ceiling!) We also played dice and made a storytelling game where each person had to say two lines to complete a story. We made a story about a traveling pandaren noodle cook who challenged an female orc pasta-maker to a cook-off. It ended with a Lady and the Tramp kiss and a happy marriage!"

"Then, like in the actual Mid-Autumn Festival,, we went to the shrine in the pond of Dawn's Blossom to give a food offering and to pray to our ancestors, thanking them for everything they've done to make this day possible. It was incredible and we had lots of fun! We hope this will encourage any pandaren RP guilds to do the same each year!"

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