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Trion teases RIFT Mayhem in Mathosia details, hosts bonus XP weekend

Jef Reahard

Trion has posted a bit more info about RIFT's upcoming Mayhem in Mathosia events. "Instead of an event that remains the same for several days, Mayhem in Mathosia will now travel through zones -- each phase will last two days and carry unique objectives, achievements, and loot including Lavender Hellbug and Sapphire Ki Rin mounts, Hellbug companion pets, and more," the company says.

Phase one starts Friday, October 4th in Silverwood/Freemarch.

In other Telaran news, there's currently a patron appreciation weekend happening, so be sure to log in and help celebrate the 2.4: Beyond Infinity release and soak up the 50 percent XP bonus!

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