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Voltaic Switch solar bag powers your tiny tablets with sunlight


Voltaic's solar bags sure can be useful, but not everyone likes lugging a laptop or a 10-inch tablet around while on a holiday. It's a good thing the company has developed the new Switch solar bag specifically for smaller slates like the iPad mini, so you don't pull a muscle carrying a 6-pound gadget as you navigate the jungle. The firm claims Switch's 6-watt solar panel can charge a typical smartphone in about four hours while under direct sunlight. If you're not keen on leaving a device under the sun, you can always leave the bag outside to charge its built-in 4,000mAh battery, and when sunlight's scarce, the Switch can also take a charge via USB. Unfortunately, the battery only juices up an iPad mini until it's about two-thirds full, unless you purchase Voltaic's optional 10,600mAh cell for $39. Outdoorsy types, feel free to head past the break to read more about Voltaic's new Switch bags or check out Voltaic's online store to purchase one for $129.

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Voltaic Launches New Switch Solar Bag for Tablets

Powers up to 80 minutes of iPad Mini runtime for every hour in the sun.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Voltaic Systems today introduced a tablet-optimized redesign of its Switch Solar Bag. This travel or go bag features 6 Watts of rugged solar power, a 15 Watt-hour universal battery, protective tablet storage and plenty of room for a camera, water bottle and other gear. The new Switch is available for $129.

Designed for modern travelers, the Switch provides up to 80 minutes of runtime on an iPad Mini, or other 7" tablet, for every hour in the sun. It will also charge smartphones, GoPro cameras and other USB devices.

"Many of our customers take tablets with them on their trips. The current 7" tablets provide good run times from relatively small batteries, which makes them well suited to solar charging." said Shayne McQuade, CEO of Voltaic Systems. "The Switch makes it possible to keep these devices charged no matter where they end up."

6 Watts of Power for Fast Charging

Integrated into the front of the Switch is a rugged, waterproof 6 Watt solar panel. Charge times vary by devices, but these high-efficiency monocrystalline cells will recharge a typical smartphone in less than four hours. The panel is built to withstand the abuse of everyday use. The cells are encased in a clear, UV and scratch resistant coating, and backed by a rigid aluminum composite material.

High Output USB Battery

The included V15 USB battery stores power so the Switch can charge devices anytime. The battery has 15 Watt hours of capacity, enough to charge an iPhone 1.7 times and an iPad Mini 2/3 full. For more battery storage, the 39 Watt hour V39 battery is available as an optional upgrade for $39. Both batteries can be charged from the solar panel or any USB port.

Roomy Case Made for Storing and Charging Electronics

The Switch has a padded tablet sleeve and wire channels to deliver power throughout the bag. The bag has mesh pockets up front for storing cables and phones, a water bottle holder and a larger storage area that will fit a DSLR camera, a spare pair of shoes or other gear. There is also an optional phone pouch attachment. The Switch can be carried by its removable shoulder strap or its top handle or can be attached to another bag via its sturdy aluminum D-Rings.

Pricing and Availability

The Switch is available today at and through retail partners for $129. The 6 Watt solar panel is also available on its own or as part of a kit starting at $50 at

Key features and specifications of the Switch include:

 6 Watts of solar power (panel available in silver or charcoal)
 15 Watt hour battery with 5V, 1A USB output
 Optional upgrade to 39 Watt hour battery with dual USB output
 Charging cables with micro and mini USB adapters to connect directly to most handheld electronics (iPhone and iPad owners can connect the original USB cable to the USB port of the battery )
 10.75" high x 9" wide x 4.0" deep
 1 pound 11 ounces including battery and solar panels
 Multiple carrying options including top handle and removable shoulder strap
 Waterproof fabric manufactured from recycled PET

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