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Breakfast Topic: What's so great about leveling?


Look at you, all of you gathered here, noses against the glass –- compulsive levelers, peering in at WoW Insider during a momentary break from your pursuit of XP. Oh, we know, you're only working on two alts "actively," right? Well, except for the lowbie you play with your significant other. And the one you're leveling with your buddy from work.

Okay, so we're not implying you've secretly hit the 50-character-per-account cap yet. And true, you're probably not valor-capping an entire realm's worth of 90s every single week. We'll grant that leveling a character in WoW today is no Ironman Challenge.

But make no mistake, levelers, we know you're out there. We see you sneaking about in your 30s and 40s and 50s, far removed from the neon attractions of the endgame, skulking through Maraudon and Dire Maul. It's time to confess: What is it about leveling another character that you find so appealing? Are you chasing a specific character mix or roster, exploring different storylines and factions, experimenting with alterate specs and builds? Spill the motivations behind your leveling mania.

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