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Report: Day of the Tentacle remake '80 percent' done before LucasArts shutdown

S. Prell, @SamPrell

A remastered Day of the Tentacle seems doomed to lie at the bottom of the ocean, despite being "80% done," according to a Kotaku source. A source reportedly "close to the project" told Kotaku that Day of the Tentacle was being remade with updated art and cutscenes, much like when its 90s adventure game sibling The Secret of Monkey Island got the same treatment in 2009.

Although Kotaku's source referred to the Day of the Tentacle remaster as a "dream project" for many employees, the game was never technically greenlit, meaning even if it had been 100% completed, even if Disney hadn't shut down LucasArts, there's no guarantee it would have been released.

And thus, the LucasArts Sadness Train keeps on rolling. Choo choo-awww.

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