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Buddy & Me available now for iOS, Kindle Fire

Endless runner Buddy & Me has mounted its magical creature to start collecting stars on iOS and Kindle Fire devices this week for $3. Buddy & Me's designer Jason Behr was lead level designer for Metroid Prime and senior mission designer for Halo 4, but the game seems to have traded out energy weapons in favor of fairy tale scenery.

Buddy & Me takes place in the dreams of a young boy. Developer Sunbreak Games' website describes the game as a sprint through an "infinite treehouse filled with interactive obstacles, curious creatures, and beautiful landmarks inspired by the Pacific Northwest." Players won't be glued to their puffy orange friend forever, though - Buddy soars alongside the boy in the background, offering assistance when the boy is in need of it.

Exploring a world with a beautiful world with a mythical beast as a child. Hmm, almost reminds us of something ....

[Thanks, David!]

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