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Gold iPhone stickers a hit in China following iPhone 5s release


Ahead of Apple's official iPhone 5s announcement, rumors circulated that Apple, for the first time, was going to introduce a gold-colored iPhone. Naturally, the reaction was somewhat muted as folks envisioned an over-the-top and gaudy-looking iPhone being introduced into the mix.

In truth, the gold-colored iPhone 5s is an elegant-looking device that actually looks much better in person than online photos would otherwise portray.

Since first going on sale, Apple's gold-colored iPhone 5s has been in extremely short supply. What's more, demand for the gold-colored addition to Apple's iPhone lineup has been so great that Apple reportedly asked suppliers to increase production by 33 percent.

Not everyone, however, is content to wait for iPhone 5s supply to firm up. Of course, many folks who own the iPhone 5 aren't planning to upgrade to the 5s regardless of availability.

That being the case, the Wall Street Journal reports that vendors in China are capitalizing on the popularity of the gold-colored iPhone by offering gold stickers users can affix to the backside of their iPhones.

Thousands of the stickers have been sold through stores on in less than a month, reflecting strong demand for the golden device in China. While most of the consumer reviews for the stickers are positive, some users complained about discrepancies in color and size.

In China, the color gold symbolizes wealth, and Chinese view the metal as a valuable asset to hold. That explains why Chinese consumers are so passionate about the gold-colored iPhone 5S. Chinese media have called the new iPhone color "Tuhao Jin" or "local tyrant's gold", referring to the phone as a new status symbol.

It's not the worst business idea I've seen, but don't expect to find these stickers showing up at your local Apple retail store anytime soon, if ever.

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