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Ian Livingstone resigns as 'life president' of Square Enix


Square Enix "life president" Ian Livingstone has abandoned his post, citing a desire to "focus more time on the important projects he is working on outside of Square Enix."

Square Enix acquired Eidos in 2009 and promoted Livingstone to "life president." At the time the new title seemed unprecedented. We polled academics from both Harvard and Wharton's business schools, and none were able to recall such a position, nor offer any commentary on Square Enix's move.

Now that he's left Square Enix, Livingstone hopes to turn his attention toward charity efforts. His near-term plans include "setting up The Livingstone Foundation to open Free Schools and Academies" as well as continuing efforts to push UK authorities toward making computer science an element of basic education. Livingstone will also continue working as part of the games industry, both as an entrepreneur and an advisor for mobile and social games.

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