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Luke Cage joins Marvel Heroes in update 1.3

MJ Guthrie

As of last month, update 1.2 was Marvel Heroes' biggest to date. But that was then, and this is now: Today's update 1.3 surpasses its predecessor with even more content. Along with more unique items and an Iron Man rework, Gazillion Entertainment revealed a new hero (Luke Cage), new systems and modes, team insignias, and legendary quests. Additionally, the Lady Deadpool costume is now available.

Players who want to earn special bragging rights can go back and start at level one again after they reach level 60 thanks to the new Prestige Mode. The Hero Synergy System offers more character customization as it unlocks account-wide synergy bonuses whenever a hero hits levels 25 and 50; these bonuses can then be equipped on any hero. The completion of legendary quests will give player rewards as well as the ability to craft Legendary Blessings for their artifacts and more. And finally, team insignias allow players to show off membership on previous teams.

For complete details on these new systems and other fixes, check out the official patch notes. And get a look at Lady Deadpool in the trailer after the break

[Source: Gazillion Entertainment press release]

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