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Massively Exclusive: Albion Online dev blog explains diversity with spells and crafted items

MJ Guthrie

Previously, we learned about Albion Online's territory control, housing, the economy, and more in our exclusive interview with CEO Stefan Wiezorek. Thanks to this exclusive dev blog, today we get a look at the relationship between crafting and spells and how that translates into deeper character customization.

In short, Albion players will craft spells that can be put on crafted gear, which in turn gives them access to that spell whenever they equip that item. This system offers an endless possibility of combinations as players equip various items, each with their own set of spells added on. For a detailed run-down of this system, check out the full dev blog after the break.

Albion Online spell and crafted item system
One system where Albion Online differentiates itself from the competition is the classless system. In Albion you craft your items and onto these items you craft certain spells which are then available to you once you equip this item.

And in combination with the fact that you can combine any item with each other, this leaves you endless possibilities of combinations. Let's say you want to craft a tier-two broadsword. You currently have 30 different meaningful spell setups for this sword.

A sword is a one-hand weapon and by that you can craft two active spells and one passive spell onto a broadsword.

What was important for us is that a weapon, although it has a lot of possibilities, still has a certain characteristic. So our broadsword is a bit more defensive-oriented weapon, plus some debuffs. As a comparison, a one-hand battle axe is focused more on close combat direct damage spells in combination with a dash and slow. So sticking with the axe you can already see here which meaningful decisions you have to make. Either you craft direct damage spells on both slots to maximize your damage output, or alternatively you go for a dash and slow on both active spell slots or a combination of both. And to complete our example, we also have a Paladin Hammer where you can select from a variety of healing spells and buffs.

The positive effect of sticking to these weapon characteristics is that it creates a nice readability during fights just by looking at the character. So when someone with an axe is charging at you, you maybe are afraid of the damage, while if someone is wielding a one-hand hammer you may categorize him as a primary target due to him being a healer.

You find these systematics throughout our item system. So for instance cloth armor is more into mana regeneration, silences, energy shields, or cleanse, while plate armor is more about armor, instant self heals, and survival.

Needless to say that this system offers a huge depth in terms of combination and how you want to setup your character. Let us know what you think about our system in the comments below.

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