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Microsoft sets dates for international Xbox One tour


In addition to the Xbox One 'Test Drive' roadshow, Microsoft's 'Area One' tour will bring the new console to 13 locations across the globe. We now have dates for the two-month international tour that begins in Philadelphia this week and ends in London around the time of the console's launch on November 22. The schedule is as follows:
  • Philadelphia: October 3-6
  • Paris: October 10-13
  • Toronto: October 10-13
  • Chicago: October 17-20
  • Vienna: October 17-20
  • Atlanta: October 24-27
  • Dallas: October 31-November 3
  • Berlin: October 31-November 3
  • Phoenix: November 7-10
  • San Francisco: November 14-17
  • Dublin: November 14-17
  • Los Angeles: November 21
  • London: November 21-24
The Area One shows are free entry, but Microsoft warns space is limited, and invites are only for those 18 years and older. If you can't make to the Area One events, there's always the Test Drive roadshow, set to visit cities across the US, Canada, Germany, France, and the UK across the same period. Full details on that can be found on the Xbox website.

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