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3DS StreetPass relay points upgraded, content distribution events planned


Nintendo's 3DS StreetPass relay point functionality will soon be improved, allowing players to access data at Nintendo Zone locations from more 3DS owners at once, Nintendo announced during today's Nintendo Direct presentation. "Starting in a few days," players that pass through Nintendo Zone locations with their 3DS systems in sleep mode will access data from up to six other passers-by instead of the usual one, greatly improving their chances at completing puzzles and other StreetPass games.

Additionally, Nintendo noted plans for special StreetPass distribution events for game content in October and November, starting with an Animal Crossing: New Leaf fedora chair on October 1, then a sushi platter on October 15. Other 3DS games receiving bonus content via StreetPass include Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Mario 3D Land.

Relay points were added to the system in an August firmware update, though numerous reports indicated that it didn't function properly in early September. Nintendo's paid StreetPass games made $4 million in one month, so the relay point update seems appropriate enough.

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