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German iCloud users get Push email back


German iCloud users may use push again, reports FOSS Patents. Push iCloud email went live again at 9 PM local time in Germany last night, more than 19 months after Google's Motorola used a patent the company held to bar Apple from offering the popular feature to its iCloud users in the country.

Google's patent was found to be invalid on four previous occasions, but the company still insisted on moving forward with the infringement case against Apple in Germany, for which Apple had to put up a US$132 million bond. Ultimately, this will come back to bite Google in the end however, as Florian Mueller explains:

But, very disappointingly, Google again and again refused to stipulate to the only appropriate thing to do under the circumstances: an unconditional stay of the enforcement of this injunction. For a company that has criticized assertions of "bogus patents," this behavior is, to say the least, inconsistent. And it's not in its own best interest. It will owe Apple damages for premature enforcement of an improper injunction. Also, most iCloud users are also users of Google's products and services.

All iCloud features are now fully functioning in Germany.

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