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Steam Greenlights 31 games: Race the Sun, Mousecraft, Eldritch, Vox


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The October 2 batch of games given the go-ahead on Steam Greenlight includes AdventurOS, Age of Wushu, Death Road to Canada, Eldritch, Hyper Light Drifter, McDROID, Mousecraft, Nihilumbra, Race the Sun, Vox and Zombies. (with the period as part of the name, of course). This Greenlight round includes 31 games and one piece of software, Mosaico: Tiling Window Manager.

This batch is extra exciting because of the Not on Steam Sale, which also launched today and may now have to consider renaming itself. The Not on Steam Sale includes 35 games that are sold independently by their developers, many of which are also on Greenlight – including Race the Sun, Mousecraft and Vox. These three were all Greenlit in today's batch.

Maybe they can change the name of the sale to "Not on Steam Sale, Now Featuring Games on Steam."

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